TRS 043: How to Live a Great Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Chris Reynolds

TRS 043: How to Live a Great Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Chris Reynolds

Today on the podcast I am joined by Chris Reynolds a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance tactician, international speaker and founder of The Business Method Podcast & Get Shit Done Live. Chris has been a location-independent entrepreneur for almost 9 years and traveling the world consistently during that time.

Through his podcast The Business Method he has interviewed more than 300 of the most successful entrepreneurs including famous big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, John Lee Dumas who hosts the #1 business podcast in the world, Casey Fenton the founder of CouchSurfing and many many more.

Currently, Chris focuses on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and life rapidly through consulting, digital courses, and live events where entrepreneurs apply research-driven high-performance techniques to help them reach goals faster.

I’ve been listening to Chris’ podcast for the last few months and have really enjoyed his input on entrepreneurship and lifestyle design and I decided to bring him on the podcast to dive in a little deeper. During this interview, you will hear us talk about how Chris went from studying agriculture and dreaming of becoming a farmer to starting his first online business, the realities of having a nomadic lifestyle and how to balance that with relationships, and how Chris is able to remain productive even while traveling full time.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why Chris went from studying agriculture in college to building an online business
  • How Tim Ferriss introduced Chris to one of the top digital nomads and how that person helped Chris get started
  • Chris’ tips for creating a rich nomadic lifestyle
  • What Chris looks for in a home base for his nomadic lifestyle
  • How to maintain relationships as a digital nomad both with other nomads and non-nomads
  • How Chris is able to stay productive no matter how much he travels and
  • How Chris’ productivity coaching and business is set up
  • The idea behind Chris’ event Get Shit Done Live
  • How Chris is able to bring on world class guests on his podcast

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