TRS 050: Merida, Mexico for Digital Nomads and Travel Blogging with Nathan Aguilera

TRS 050: Merida, Mexico for Digital Nomads and Travel Blogging with Nathan Aguilera

On today’s episode I am joined by my good friend Nathan Aguilera, the founder and author at FoodieFlashpacker a blog dedicated to travel and the best meals and restaurants you can find all over the world. Nathan and I met in Merida, Mexico where I was based for the first few months of 2020 and the city that Nathan calls his home base.

I wanted to have Nathan on to talk about his journey as a blogger and digital nomad and why Merida is such a phenomenal place as a home base for digital nomads. During the conversation we also got to touch on the general state of the digital nomad scene and what the future looks like for nomads, the best meals Nathan’s ever had and a full on guide to Merida for anyone who wants to visit.

What You’ll Learn

  • Could Mérida be a great possible location for digital nomads?
  • Why Nathan decide to begin traveling
  • What made Nathan want to start blogging
  • What it’s like to travel for two years straight.
  • What’s a flashpacker? 
  • Nathan’s top 3 cities for the BEST FOOD.
  • Top three reasons why you should come to Mérida.
  • Ways to get the best value from AirBnb.
  • Is Mexico dangerous? Should you be worried staying there? 
  • The benefits of getting multiple citizenships
  • What’s going to come next in the digital nomad space
  • The ethical issues of employing people in a third world country.

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