TRL 092: 2020 Presidential Election, Nomad Visas, Remote Infrastructure and Economy – Deep Dive Thursday with Joe Anderton

Today’s episode is another Deep Dive Thursday during which I get to go down a rabbit hole on a specific topic related to the digital nomad lifestyle. Sometimes I do that by myself, and sometimes I am joined by a guest, oftentimes someone who has been on the pod in that past.

Today I am joined by my friend Joe Anderton who was one of my first guests on this podcast way back on episode 7 and in that interview, we discussed how he built his social media and branding agency The Wandering which works with top CPG (or consumer packaged goods) brands. You can check out that interview at

During today’s interview, however, Joe and I got to basically cover all of my “favorite hits” in terms of topics. We talked about the 2020 Presidential election in the US and what the results meant for digital nomads, how small countries are capitalizing on the remote work trend, how non-remote businesses are reacting to a forced shift to remote work, and how that’s going to affect the next decade, plus much much more

This interview without a doubt goes down as one of my favorites in the history of this podcast so I think you are really going to enjoy it as well.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Is entrepreneurship being vilified in the United States?

  • Why re-learning is the most valuable skill to learn.

  • How to position yourself for the economy of the future.

  • How the 2020 US Presidential election will affect digital nomads.

  • Will COVID & remote work popularize dual citizenship?

  • Why small countries are well-positioned to capitalize on digital nomads.

  • The new services & infrastructure that are making the digital nomad lifestyle easier

  • How are non-remote businesses reacting to the forced shift to remote work?

  • Why shifting to remote work means that companies need to shift the way they manage teams

  • The world and economy in 5 years

  • How AI and UBI will affect business and entrepreneurship.

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