TRL 098: Lessons from Building and Selling a 7-Figure Coffee Blog with Alex Azoury

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Today on the podcast I am joined by Alex Azoury. I was first introduced to Alex inside of the Dynamite Circle where he posted a thread titled “Personal Blogging: A Waste of Time?” In this thread, he shared that he had recently sold his coffee blog for low 7 figures and was now looking for a new project to focus his attention on and to help him figure out what’s next.

This thread really sparked my interest and I decided to reach out to Alex and see if he would be interested in coming on the podcast to talk about his journey. How did he build a 7-figure coffee blog, what made him want to sell, and what was the process of selling the blog? During this interview, we discussed all of that and much more like how Alex managed his transition from a construction worker to an online business owner, why networking is so important in business, and what are the questions you should be asking yourself when starting your business.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why the “lifestyle” of construction appealed to Alex
  • What made Alex transition to starting an online business
  • How to spot opportunity in a niche
  • How Alex learned SEO
  • What made Alex want to have more control over his time and finances
  • Why Alex decided to become a digital nomad
  • The diminishing return of travel
  • How Alex managed the overlap between his job and entrepreneurial pursuits before going out on his own
  • What were the main leverage points in Alex’s business?
  • The game-changing importance of networking
  • How to stand out online to attract partnerships
  • The common mistakes new entrepreneurs make
  • Why Alex decided to sell his business after managing it for 5 years
  • Opportunity vs passion in running a business
  • How to sell an online business
  • How much Alex sold his business for and how he developed the multiple
  • Day 1 with money in the bank after the sale
  • What regrets if any does Alex have about selling his business
  • Should people consider values besides money when starting their first business?
  • Alex’s plan going forward

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