TRS 054: COVID Quarantine in Buenos Aires & How Travel Businesses Can Survive This

TRS 054: COVID Quarantine in Buenos Aires & How Travel Businesses Can Survive This

You may notice that this episode is not coming out on Monday like normal, that’s because from now on we will be doing two episodes a week of That Remote Show. Why the change? Well Mondays will remain as our “flagship” episodes interviewing some of the biggest experts on remote work and awesome entrepreneurs, but on Thursday we will now be releasing an episode that is a bit more focused on commentary.

A lot of the times it may just me deep diving on a subject, a listener question, or I am have a guest on that we’ve already had on before to help me out. These episodes could vary from less than our normal episode length to much longer, really however long it takes!

And that’s just what happened for our first Thursday episode! I was joined by my friend and fellow digital nomad Nate Hake from who has been quarantined in Buenos Aires for the last month.

I decided to bring him back on to discuss what is going on in Buenos Aires during the COVID-19 breakout, why decided to stay there instead of come back to the US, how COVID is impacting the travel industry and what people who’s businesses are being affected can do to get through it. We talked about and much much more.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Argentina like during the COVID breakout? How strict are their self-isolation rules?
  • How COVID-19 is impacting the travel industry
  • How and what can businesses do to get through COVID-19?
  • What brought Nate to Argentina in the first place.
  • How travel will change after the pandemic
  • Why so many people are reassessing their relationship with Amazon.
  • How to think positively during the pandemic.
  • How COVID-19 could affect the digital nomad lifestyle in the long run.

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